I suggest you ...

So i have an excellent idea: Before you make any Good updates,please start with the smallest thing : 1. The Qualifyings Then the star

Start with the smallest:

1.Make this what you promising a long time : The Qualifying

2.A Animation of a Starting Grid

3.Longer Race
..i mean 19 laps monaco
update it that everybody can choose how long he want this race

4.Fastest Lap

5.Please make the starts more realistical
In Monaco the Polesetter lose everytime in your game 5 places

6.A Circuit Layout Animation
When.you can see who is where.

7.Next Season
In every end of a season i have to start a new season

8.Delete the Fuel Tanks
For Confimration: Tanking is Disallowed in Formula 1

9.More Challenges
for example :
Australia: Master the 2nd sector
Bahrain: Master the hairpins
China: Master the first Turn
Russia: Master the last 2 turna
Spain: Master the 1st Sector
Monaco: Master the Hairpin and Sante Devote
Canada: Master the Wall of Champions
Baku: Master the Tower Section
Austria: I dont know a famous turn
Great Britain: Master the Esses
Hungary: Master the Last turn
Germany: Master the Hairpin
Belgium: Master Eau Rogue and Blanchimot
Italy: Master the Lesmos and Ascari Schicane
Singapore: Master Turn 17 or 18
Malaysia: Master The first turn
Japan: Master the Esses and 130 R
USA: Master the Esses
Mexico: Master the Arena Section
Brazil: Mastee the Senna S
Abu Dhabi: Master the last 8 Turns

10.When a new season starts that driver can change the teams

11.That not only 1 accident can happen ..please more

12.And now the thing what really upset me:
The Safety Car
Please make a real safety car with thir order:
1.Yellow Flag
2.Virtual Safety Car
3.Safety Car
4.Red Flag (If an heavy accident)

If the Race starts in Thunderstorm conditions
please make a safety car start and if it is a not improving than a red flag

please read this idea
i have spend much time to find the ideas

and you dont need to say my name in your games descriprion.

Rahul Ghotra

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