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Great game, love it really! Just thought of some additions:

1: First I would love to add an car level as well and not only engineer level. Like when you move to a new car you should start on first level for that car, the higher level->the better control of the car.

2: there should also be a risk meter ( accidents) during the race, the higher aggression -> the higher risk for accidents. The higher level of car-> lesser risk at a high aggression and so on.

3: Since you have team orders, pay per race could be impacted by team satisfaction etc?

4: then tire wear should so on also impact risk meter.

5: do I need to say how safety car gets in the picture :)?

6: could be nice to highlight a driver on the leaderboard, to keep a track of your rival in the championship :)

Anyways some ideas, I know it's not that easy to make a game out of it, I could probably think of more stuff but I think that's too much to start with. And maybe you already got plans of it already?

Keep up the good work!!!

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